Using A Will To Secure Peace Of Mind

In the daily rush to fulfill duties given to you by your employer, spouse or children, you may feel that you sprint through these tasks with little time for reflection. In an accumulation ofPamela Witt Willoughby errands, it's easy to emphasize short-term errands at the expense of long-term responsibilities. Such is the case for creating a will and assigning powers of attorney.

Few individuals look forward to cataloging their possessions and determining how their assets and property will be disbursed. However, drafting a legal document that establishes your wishes is necessary if you want to have control over how your property is allocated after your death in Virginia. The time that you invest in designing this record is less than your beneficiaries who will have to devote to obtaining their inheritance should you die intestate, or "without a will."

I have been helping residents of Lynchburg and its surrounding counties as they prepare to bequeath their possessions to family members or friends. In addition, I advise clients on the roles that they may need to assign should they become incapacitated in the future. Failing to plan for events that may occur will not prevent them from happening, but this lack of strategy can make a situation much worse should problems arise.

Safeguarding Your Interests With Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Since 2013, I have counseled my clients as they have created plans for their possessions, healthcare and finances in matters such as:

  • Drafting and contesting a will
  • Creating advanced medical directives
  • Establishing powers of attorney

Hiring a lawyer to write a well-designed set of instructions recognized by the court will provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones because these guidelines can reduce the risk of conflict in the future.

Assert Control Over Your Future By Documenting Your Wishes In A Will

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