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Whether you have been pulled over for speeding or have been subjected to a drug search, your interactions with police may have left you feeling rattled or angry. Such emotions intensify when you face the possibility of trial or serving time in jail. Given the severity of the possible outcomes that are connected with criminal charges, it's only natural that you will have questions about your civil rights and the long-term results of a conviction.

I can help you with the answers you need about charges you may face. I have successfully protected the rights of individuals in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties who have been charged by the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have effectively defended my clients against misdemeanor and felony charges on the state level.

Guided by my experiences as a trial attorney, I will ensure that your case is handled effectively. It is my responsibility to educate you about your options so that you know what to expect during the course of your trial.

Classifying Criminal Charges

Law enforcement determines which charge should be connected to a crime. This decision influences the legal process you will have to follow and the penalty you may have to pay if you are found responsible for committing a crime.

1. Infractions

Of the three charges listed, the infraction can have the least impact on your record and your future. Also known as "petty offenses," infractions range from traffic violations to jaywalking to littering. While those charged with infractions don't usually receive jail time as a punishment, it is important to pay the fines connected with this charge. Failure to do so can lead to an increase in penalties.

2. Misdemeanor

People can be charged with a misdemeanor for theft, drunk driving, trespassing, drug possession or other violations of the law. While this charge is not as serious as a felony charge, having a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record can affect your life long after you have paid the appropriate fine and/or served time in a local jail. For this reason, you should seek an attorney's aid if you are charged with a misdemeanor: You need to protect your future from the damage a misdemeanor can cause on your ability to obtain an education, job or housing.

3. Felony

The felony is a major offense. Those who are convicted of this offense may be required to serve extensive time in state prison, pay a fine or do both. Property and violent crimes are often classified as felonies. Murder, auto theft and drug offenses fall under these categories. When indicted with this offense, individuals should request a lawyer's help to develop a strategy to fight this charge in court because a felony remains on a criminal record permanently.

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